DKRFC Online Membership and Purchase.

From the start of April 2019, you will be able to purchase your DK membership online from our website for season 2019/2020. This is something our members have been asking about for a long time. Also, our membership records have been paper based which has meant retrieving information and communicating with our membership has been very time consuming and bulk communication impossible.

The RFU have in place a database called the Game Management System, or GMS, I am sure many of you have heard it being mentioned. It is, in basic terms, a system for administering grass roots Rugby across the whole of England. GMS is also linked to our new website, it is this link that will enable us to administer DK membership and allow online payments by either card or direct debit. By clicking on BUY MEMBERSHIPS above you will see the various membership schemes available, by clicking on PURCHASE (top right on that page) it will redirect you to the GMS login page, you will have to logon to make the online purchase. It should be noted that you will still be able to purchase your membership either over the bar or through the club shop!

In order for this to be an effective admin tool and for you to make an online purchase all our members need to be registered on GMS. This is not a difficult thing to do, to register for the first time you just click on the link below and follow the instructions. Many of you have already done this, especially if you have joined the Youth Section recently and if you are a coach/helper or have a DBS with the club. If you have already got a GMS login and can access it there is nothing you need to do. However, we would ask that you logon and make sure your details are up to date.   

If you try and logon and you get a message that says “This person already exists” This means you are already on but have forgotten or didn’t know! 

We can get around this issue! If you have any problems all you have to do is contact giving us your name, address, email and date of birth, we can then check the system and find your username. Once you have the user name, we will send you a link to the club login page.    (This link will open in a new page)

Enter the username and click on “Forgot Password” it will email you a link to change it. If you haven’t got an email on GMS we can put it on for you.

If we find out that you are not on GMS then we will send you the link to register:    (This link will open in a new page)

If you can’t access a computer or the internet you will be asked to fill in a form and we will register you on the site.

This is a big undertaking by the club and, as with all new ventures, will have a number of issues, but once set up it will make life easier for you and the club, so please bear with us!

Once you have a login for GMS all you have to do is click on "BUY MEMBERSHIP" you will be directed to GMS, you login and away you go! Click here to get started: BUY MEMBERSHIP

IMPORTANT: If you wish to purchase a membership for your child (Youth Section) you will need to add a relationship on GMS. Click on the links below for various help sheets:

Age Grade Registration: Step by Step Guide for Parents 

Children are already on (have an RFU Number), but parents are not on.

Parent is on GMS but the Child is not

Adding a relationship to your profile