Fri 30 Nov 2018 15:10

DK has a long and interesting history going back to 1920. It is important that we record and publish this story. It is only when we know where we have come from that we can fully appreciate where we are!

We are lucky at DK because we have a keen, accomplished and indeed a published historian (and retired Engineer) in Bob (Stuart) McMaster.
Bob has huge archives of facts and images of DK going all the way back to it’s inception in 1920. He has produced some articles for the Black Country Bugle and has provided a wealth of information for this section of the website.

We will publish various articles and pictures on this page over the coming season, the content of which will be in the title.

Please take the time to read them and enjoy!

Doccuments will open in a new window.

The Youth Section: Coming Soon

The DK Bank: Coming Soon

The Cliff Watson Story: Coming Soon

DK's Industrial History, Titanic to Concorde: Coming Soon

A History in Team Photos: Coming Soon

The Roger Griffiths Years: Coming Soon

DK and The World Land Speed Record: Coming Soon