Mon 12 Aug 2019 15:25

What a great weekend!

Off to Twickers, the home of Rugby to watch England beat Wales 33 – 19 in front of a smidge under 82,000 fans.

So with 82,000 people there who can you meet? Well the guy sitting next to us recognised the DK shirts, it appears he was a mate of Daz Moore, a long time coach at DK, the guy on the other side was nothing to do with DK but remembered sitting next to a group from DK at a previous match. He remembers them because of an incident when a pint of beer was split down the back of somebody’s shirt? On the way out we met Craig Moore, husband of our DK administrator Nicki and Father of U18 Jack! After the game 2 ladies looked at us and shouted "Don't you look great", and walking to the station a Welsh chap thought we supported Cardiff? So next time you are out and about wear your DK shirt, it's bound to get recognised or at least a comment,

However, it was before the game that the link with the Royal Box occurred!

We were outside the famous Rose & Poppy Gates, the England team were about to arrive, we saw 2 guys we recognised taking some photos. We called and they came over for a chat. We told them we were in block L34, at the South end just to the side of the posts. “Oh” they said, “we are in the Royal Box” ROYAL BOX! They were out for a walk before going into the main building for pre match drinks before taking their seats.

I did have a scan for them from our public seating area, but they were too far away in their luxury surroundings.

So, who was it in the Twickenham Royal box? Who were these 2 illustrious people with obvious connections in high places?  Well to find out you will have to watch the video!

To be honest, it didn’t matter where you were watching from! 33 – 19

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