Mon 06 May 2019 14:22

It’s days like these when you feel proud to be a member of the DK family!

What a day, weather was fantastic and Heathbrook was packed!

It all started months ago with the announcement of the date for our Annual Ladies day Lunch. Preparations were started and under the Leadership of our Hospitality Manager Dan Shillingford it all came together and was perfect! We must also thank the raft of volunteers that helped out not only during the preparations but on the day.

 Rumour has it that our very own Director of Rugby, Neil (Chocolatier) Shillingford spent the morning arranging delicate bags of chocolate treats for our guests, unfortunately Teressa failed to get a photo but there were plenty of eye witnesses!

 The 125 guests were then treated to a 3 course meal and entertainment from comedienne Karen Bayley.

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The teams were about to emerge, the micros were lined up ready (sort of) and then out they came. DK 1st team players were grabbing little ones as they went past and onto the pitch. It must be noted at this time that it appeared one micro was left, a Stoke player offered to take him out, what a gesture and fitting of the rugby family! But at the last minute a DK player scooped him up and out he went!

Then the match day crowd started arriving, and we were not short of support for the big game! Both car parks full and on the field.

From about 2pm onwards loads of our youngest players started arriving, “The Mighty Micros” (DK’s Under 6 team)

Our Micros were born out of necessity 10 years ago when the RFU age grades changed. Since then they have gone from strength to strength!

Today the squad is 42 strong!

The volunteers that look after this group, James Ridout (Lead Coach) Ed Parry (Coach) Darren Garland (Helper) and Lisa Ridout (Manager) have done a fantastic job, Well Done and thank you!!

This season sees the end to 4 years of Micro involvement for James and Lisa Ridout, next season they will be taking 20+ of the players up to the Under 7’s. We would just like to thank them for their dedication and commitment to the youngsters of DK and long may it continue. Another 10 years before they hand them over to the senior section!

 The teams were out warming up, the party was in full flow in the clubhouse, the crowd was gathering, and the Mighty Micros were doing what micros do, run around a lot! The phrase “herding cats” comes to mind!

The little ones formed a tunnel and clapped off both teams from their warm up.

Photos were taken and off them came the game started!

It is coming up to Youth Section presentation day but alas the Micros were unable to make the date, so their presentation was done in front of the main stand at half time. Medals were handed out to the players. At this point the Youth Chairman, Brian Platts and Ken Crane (Club President) stepped in to make a presentation, but he was too slow (again, many who played with him would say) all the micros were off again, running to their waiting parents. James Ridout (Lead Micro Coach) used his magic whistle, and like the piped piper they all turned instantly and ran back! The Micro volunteers were awarded certificates as a thank you for all their hard work.

The day got even better, the 1st XV turned it on and came out worthy winners, with a bonus point. 50-15.

To See all the Micro Mascot photos go to:

To see all the In Jackson match day phots go to:

Last November DK picked up a national award for Family Club of the Year, after a day like this it is easy to see why!

To see more click on the link below:

 DK win prestigious National Award!

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