Sat 31 Aug 2019 09:44

This Saturday sees the DK open day, weather looking good!

The Car park is ready.

The strongman challenge, it a tractor pull! However, before we let you people at it we thought it would be an idea to see if it was possible. So after “Tractor John” had finished cutting the grass he brought the tractor over to the car park.

First off “Tractor John” had a go and it moved, not surprising from an ex-prop!

DoR Neil Shillingford was next up, this time with the harness. Once he got it going he was off to the middle of the car park!

If you want to see in FULL SCREEN right hand click OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB.

Next up we called upon young volunteer and U18 player Jack. Harnessed up he took the strain and nothing! Ooops! “They don’t make them like they used to” and other helpful comments were added to the mix!

We then paused for a moment and looked around, it appears that there is a slope on the car park, John and Shilly pulled it down the slope and left our young Jack to pull it up hill! Just to check Shilly had another go and yep, it was up hill.

Is there a hill?

But fear not, we have found a spot where it is slightly down hill and that’s where the challenge will take place.

5pm on Saturday will be the DK Strongman Challenge, who can pull it quickest over a 20m course, trophy for the winner of course!!

Oh yes, it's a hill!

Now if strength is not your thing and your built like a greyhound rather than a bull we have a challenge for you too. During the day by the gym will be a “Wattbike” Can you do the Wattbike Challenge? How fast can you complete 1K (1000m) Trophy for the winner and a Months free membership to Heathbrook fitness!

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