Wed 09 Jan 2019 16:58

We're in the process of booking this years First Aid course at DK. This will be the only one this season - so please consider who will be helping / coaching your team next September!

We have booked this is PLENTY of advance so that people can get booked on, get it in their diaries & make it a priority. 

The date is Sunday 10th March 2019. Everyone is training at home that day - so you may need to arrange other people to coach, share a First Aider with another team, have 2 teams being coached together that day, do something slightly different to make this work!

Brian is all for us getting this done so we must work around any gaps.

We thought a Sunday was best as we'd all be at DK anyway - it won't impact on peoples personal lives too much! The other option was 3 evenings!!! (yes it has increased from 2 evenings for those who did it last time!). It will be ALL DAY, probably starting at 9.30, aiming to finish at 4.30 & will take place in the Lounge.

When the course is live on the system I will give you another shout. Please book on immediately as anyone in the local area at other Clubs could book on too......... You will have to pay up front but then will be paid back upon successful attendance & completion of the course. This is a nationally recognised, RFU, level 3 qualification. Plus, you'll have a FABULOUS trainer!!! - yes me - sorry!



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