Thu 15 Aug 2019 13:28

Our first run out against opposition saw a pre-season game with four 20 minute sessions, at Wolverhampton last night, for the record the score was 38-7 to DK over the four quarters.
Overall, the DK faithful who added to a fair sized crowd, would have taken positive thoughts away from this game, with the team displaying a clinical edge when the established players were together, and the younger players all showed promise. We go into Saturdays games with Bridgnorth, with bolstered level of confidence, though it will be a far tougher encounter.
There were a number of DK players who will have pressed their case for the inclusion in the First team match day squad, and certainly got credit in the bank, from their performances.
The first quarter saw DK field perhaps the nearest side to the First XV, though the outcome of the quarter was primarily down to Wolverhampton’s exit strategies, they allowed the DK back three to counter attack at will, with Charlie Baffour relishing the opportunities to run the ball back against the Wolverhampton defence, Tommy Walker was not outdone when he converted a run back into the second try with an outside line, it followed a first try scored by Pete Griffiths who was on hand in support when an earlier Charlie run out of defence was unloaded with George Ingram acting as the link.
The third try came from a well angled Will Brown kick into the corner, which turned the defence and Leo Davis did well to get up and tackle his man and the recovered ball was put through the hands of the onrushing supporting players with Pete Griffiths crossing the line for his brace of tries. George Ingram converted all three tries so the first quarter ended 21-0 to DK.
The first round of changes took place and the second quarter was more about defensive duties for DK with Wolverhampton coming back into the game, but the blue defensive line was not breached and the pressure was relieved when a midfield penalty was banged into the corner. The ensuing line out was won by Dan Marsh and maul set up, Wolverhampton’s pack stopped the initial DK drive but a reset saw Jamie Ramsey surge around the openside and over for the try, Ben Taylor was off target with the conversion, the second quarter won 5-0, and 26-0 overall. Into half time and a generous break has both sides reorganised for the final two quarters.
The third quarter saw more of the DK younger players introduced, and they showed that they were at ease with the DK systems, and showed composure has the game was played almost entirely in the Wolverhampton half. DK won this quarter with a well worked try, Kieron Williams made a run into the heart of the Wolves defence and quick ruck ball was then flashed across the DK line to right wing Tony Yates who was given enough time and space to get his dive out and over the line in the corner, he failed to convert his own try, so 5-0 for the quarter and 31-0 overall.
The final 20 minutes saw a similar encounter to the third quarter with DK with a territorial advantage, the DK try was scored by Kieron Williams following a line out, clean ball won, out from Ethan Lowe and an ball back to Kieron on the inside and a distinct lack of cover from the Wolverhampton defence saw the prop in, and George Ingram adding the extra two.
The DK forwards had started to give away penalties around the ruck and maul and started to concede ground, it was from one of these that Wolverhampton finally crossed the line when a long pass outflanked the retreating DK defence and a conversion with the final kick of the game levelled the quarter up at 7-7 and an overall score of 38-7.
The coaches will have their views on the performance, but most players enhanced their chances, and the selections for Saturday will be interesting. Though, I would like to finish by giving Warren Pettet a mention great effort our kid.

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