Sun 10 Jul 2022 18:26

Pencil Drawing Easter tour 1968 to Cornwall

On the 23rd June 2022, Richard Webster contacted Bob McMaster for help!

Richard’s father, Brian Webster (1940-2022), a former member of DK (who played for the 2nd and 3rd XV sides and in later years played for the Scorpions and Wanderers) went on the club’s Easter Tour of Cornwall in 1968. Whilst on tour some of the lads, including Brian, where the subject of a pencil drawing (see below) produced by J R Donnachie, a successful Post-war & Contemporary artist located in St Ives.

The help that Richard wanted concerned the identity (the name) of one of the lads shown in the drawing located back row second from the right, who was he? After some research the mystery was solved i.e. back row second from the right was Paul Jenkins, hooker, former 1st XV player and 3rd XV captain (1975-78 seasons).

The following team photograph, provided by Richard, shows his father Brian sitting extreme right and Paul Jenkins sitting third from the right, but we have been unable to identify all the players, and we can only guess that is was the Scorpions from 1967/68. Can you help?

If you can identify any of the players, please contact us on