Sun 12 Jan 2020 17:02

Can you name the essentials in a first aid kit?

Having qualified first aiders in attendance at games has become increasingly important. So much so the Club has someone in charge of first aid, our very own Esther Coles. She puts on courses, monitors the designated first aiders in the club (every youth team has at least 2 qualified first aiders) buys stock and looks after the club’s defibrillator. (and lots more to boot!)

 However! Some first aiders go above and beyond, take for example the Under 18’s first aider, Karen Dainty. The U18’s were training today and Karen was there with her extensively stocked kit bag. She was diligently checking to see if she had everything when to our great surprise, she pulled out a bag of “HAIR BOBBLES”! Yes, that is correct, hair bobbles! She got so fed up with players wafting flowing locks of hair out of their eyes she decided to do something about it!


And here is the proof! Well done Karen, Designated Under 18 First Aid and Hair Care Lead.

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