Mon 18 Jul 2022 16:33

We know that DK has a long and interesting history, we have been going to over 100 years! We have found links in our history to the Titanic, a world land speed record and to the oldest complete exhibit in the York Railway Museum, (All of which can be read on our history page CLICK HERE). Well, we have found another one

Recently we were at the Roe Deer restaurant situated on the Lawnswood Road just up the A449 from the club.

A magnificent old estate house in its own grounds originally called Lawnswood House. Whilst having a nibble I wondered about the history of the place, luckily, they have flyers outlining the history of the building from its construction between 1813 to 1816 by the Foley family.

The interesting bit was the early 1900’s. Now we know that DK was formed in 1920 and we have a document stating that Jack H Bean (a Founder of A. Harper, Sons & Bean ltd, the company where our club started) was asked to be Club President in August of that year and continued till 1928.

Well, it appears that he bought Lawnswood House (now known as The Roe Deer) for £5000 in around 1923. Records also show that he was living there up to his death in about 1966, 4 years after DK moved to our current ground, Heathbrook from Penzer St.