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Coaching is one of the most crucial factors in developing, sustaining and increasing participation in rugby union, securing the future and quality of the English game. To be an effective coach, you will need to fulfil a number of different roles, covering the technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects demanded by our game.

The RFU codes of practice is where the importance lies as well as Accreditation. Coaches need to be working towards best practice as much as possible and attenting RFU courses and staying up to date are vital to this. 

Becoming a DK Coach

In order to become a Coach at DK you will need to complete the following

RFU Concussion Online Module

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IRB Rugby Ready

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Contact Mandy Platts

Volunteer Application Form


RFU Code of Practice


We have a fabulous opportunity for Players, Coaches, Medical Staff and All Volunteers working in rugby to attend a free course we are running at Stourbridge RFC next month.

The Activate Injury Prevention Programme has been proven over extensive research and trials to reduce injury rates in rugby players - we are offering FREE places on our next workshop for anyone wishing to know more about the programme 

I have attached details, to book simply email 


3rd / 4th September 2019

Venue: Sixways Stadium, Worcester


FREE for all Military Personnel

£75.00 for Civilian Coaches


(Accommodation, Food, Guest Speakers Included)


Book your place by emailing –

What Is a RugbySafe?

RugbySafe is England Rugby’s overarching player safety and wellbeing programme to support clubs, schools, colleges, universities and participants at all levels of the game. It has five different strands all of which contribute and provide input to how the game should be played and managed to ensure that rugby is as safe as possible.

Values & Culture

Provides information on how the embedding of the core values and creating a positive culture is a fundamental element to making the game fun and safe.

Playing Environment

Provides information, guidance and resources for clubs, schools, colleges universities and other rugby activity organisers on what needs to be in place and how provision and other aspects should be managed to enable a fun and safe playing environment.

My Rugby Academy

My Rugby Academy is a valuable tool to help you reap the maximum benefits from our resources. By pinpointing your current level of coaching proficiency and identifying the next steps in your training path, including recommended RFU-supported courses, the Coaching Development Matrix will guide you in fulfilling your coaching potential. 

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Go KYBO! in 2019!

Top tips on how to get started as a rugby coach from Nick Scott, RFU National Coach Development Manager or as a rugby referee, with Michael Patz, RFU National Match Official Development Manager


Code of Practice 6: Out of Season Activity

Research from periodisation experts promotes an ‘off season’ to recover and to experience other sports and activity. This code supports the research that age grade players should have a break from specific rugby activities between the end of the season in May and the start of the new season in September.


The RFU recognises that those who have had been actively involved in playing rugby, at whatever level, benefit from a sustained break over the summer. Children can then experience different sports as part of their development and avoid the negative impact that continuous rugby activity may have on their long-term involvement with sporting activities. This is more likely to protect their long-term interest and enjoyment of rugby. The RFU encourages coaches to be open to the fact that the summer provides opportunities to introduce the game to those who have had limited exposure to it but who may suddenly discover its appeal.

More information:

Code of Practice: 

Age Grade out of season activity guide: 


Welcome to HEADCASE, the RFU’s concussion awareness programme that aims to increase understanding and provide information on concussion and other related topics, including how to prevent and manage suspected concussions. It has been recognised as one of the leading concussion awareness and education resources in UK.

Coaching Online Platform Application - please find attached an application for the coaching platform being provided free of charge to any Club Coach that wishes to join  -  The platform will be updated weekly and 'specific topics' can be requested.

Click here for application form: Application Form

Welcome to Rugby Ready

Welcome to Rugby Ready - devised by World Rugby. The Rugby Ready programme is intended to raise awareness of good practice and help stakeholders manage the inherent risks of a contact sport by putting appropriate safeguards in place.

The Rugby Ready web site is a powerful online resource that you can register to use for free. You can use the site to build, refresh and test your knowledge of the physical aspects of the Game.

The self-assessment programme comprises 18 good-practice modules covering:

  • Match preparation and physical conditioning
  • Correct technique
  • Injury prevention and management.

After completing the online Rugby Ready exam, you can download your personalised awareness certificate.

Registration is free and takes only a few minutes.


First Aid In Rugby

World Rugby educational resource

Injuries are a part of any contact sport. Serious or life-threatening injury in Rugby is, however, rare. The outcome of many injuries can often be improved by very simple first aid skills from bystanders until emergency help arrives. 

Such bystanders may be parents, club officials, coaches, referees or even other players. This online programme aims to equip with some of the basic skills you may need if you ever found yourself in such a situation.

Interactive module: First Aid In Rugby includes:

Introduction, General principles , Standard approach to injury on the field of play, Head injuries in Rugby Union, Managing the airway in an injured athlete, Neck and spinal injuries in Rugby Union, Breathing assessment and chest injuries, Circulation and shock, Cardiac arrest and choking, Limb injuries, Medical problems, Further information.

World Rugby: 

Training & Education

Player Welfare - Resources and guidelines on putting the player first  

Strength & Conditioning - Learning resources supporting World Rugby's Level 1 and Level 2 Strength and Conditioning courses.

Keep Rugby Clean - Educational resources on World Rugby's Anti-Doping Policy

Officiating - Range of resources to support you in your officiating

Rugby Ready - Resource to raise awareness of good practice around the physical aspects of the game

Coaching - Online learning tools for all aspects of coaching the game

Keep Rugby Onside - Educational advice and support on World Rugby's Anti-Corruption Policy

Laws of the Game Resources and support to help you understand of how the Laws are applied on the field of play

World Rugby now wishes to innovate and inspire through participation, engagement, education and regulation, harnessing the sport’s character-building values to excite, engage and inform new audiences in existing and new rugby markets.

World Rugby Vision: Rugby - a sport for all, true to its values

World Rugby Mission: Growing the global rugby family

World Rugby Core Values: Inherent in everything we do are our values of integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and discipline.

RFU Upcoming Courses


Aged over 14 on day 1 of the course

All sessions must be attended

Have completed World Rugby (IRB) online Laws prior to the course start date

Have completed RFU online Concussion Education Course prior to the course start date

England Rugby Coaching Award (Level 2)

About this course

Attendees must have completed the RFU online Headcase module prior to attending the course.

This course is an entry point for coaches working with players of U9 and above, it is tailored to the needs of the players you are coaching. It provides coaches with the knowledge, skills and attributes to effectively coach young players and adults and is an Accredited UKCC Level 2 qualification.

Courses required for this coaching level

Rugby Ready, Scrum Factory, 

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RFU ACTIVATE Injury Prevention Programme

We are running a FREE workshop on the RFU ACTIVATE Injury Prevention Programme at Stourbridge RFC on Tuesday 9th July 18:30-20:30 
This study has shown to reduce injuries and concussions by up to 70% and would be a valuable addition to any coaching practice 
Anyone wishing to book, just email me on and they will be added to the register 
For more information on the programme: