Thu 16 Sep 2021 16:27

What a whirlwind 24hrs…..

Yesterday lunch time we delivered mental health and well-being talks to the trade Union reps and plant director at Jaguar Land Rover to a fantastic group of people, truly wanting to help implement positive change within the workforce where employee mental health is concerned.
Then we crawled round the M42 to the Village Hotel Club Solihull for the English Veterans Awards where we were nominated for not 1 but 2 awards, which in itself was truly humbling considering the finalists are such amazing people, working selflessly to help others.
We only went and WON BOTH AWARDS 😱🎉🏆🏆
Stu took home - Inspiration of the year 🏆
& we also won the Health and Well-being award 🏆
A lot of people and organisations talk about their “why”…….
Well our “why” is YOU 💙
These awards are for every single individual, organisation, company and group that support us in anyway possible. YOU are our Why, and we will forever strive to support anyone who contacts us for help.
For Stu, Dan and the wider TETC team, both military and civilian, to be recognised by the veterans community for our work is a win within itself but to take home 2 separate awards is an extremely proud and quite emotional part of our journey as a charity and one that inspires and drives us to go bigger, better and stronger than ever before 💪🏻
To all who support us, we truly truly appreciate you 🙏💙💪🏻