Mon 04 Oct 2021 15:37

Having had 2 home games using the Online Match Day Programme a couple of comments and requests have been made.

First of all we will not be going back to a printed version, the advantages of the online programme far out weigh the printed version. For example, in the home game v Sanbach the DK team changed 5 times from the original selection, using the online version meant that the team was correct at kick off.

However, some people have asked about a different version that they would be able to read easier on their computer/tablet, and someone also mentioned that they collected programmes. With this in mind we will now also be producing a PDF version to run along side the online programme. This PDF programme can be downloaded and saved to view at your leisure. It will also be saved to the DK website so you will be able to look back at previous match day programmes. This is not new, it was done in the 2019 -2020 season.

All these past match programmes are now available on the website:

Club website  -  Info  -  Past match Programmes

Or click this link

This is the programme in PDF format for the Sheffield game.

Click on the cover picture to view and download.

Please Note that due to the different format it has a few slight differences!

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