For those of you who like to study form there are now 2 places where you can pick up DK’s statistics.

Individual Player Stats via the website

DK team stats via the England Rugby Website

Full league stats via England Rugby Website

Fist of all, how does this work?

For every league game both teams, home and away, have to fill in an electronic match card (EMC). This card has the team line up with the final result having to be added by 5.30pm on the match day. We also enter the scorers, replacements (who off and who on), any yellow or red cards and the minute in which they occurred. This information is then magically processed and pings to our website and the England Rugby website pretty much instantly!

On the website click on TEAMS and choose the 1st XV (down as Dudley Kingswinford)

Click on Players

The players photos will appear, these are the players assigned to the 1st XV, their photos are in the process of being updated. Click on a players name.

You will then see the players statistics for this season, they are not extensive yet as they have only played 1 game!

By clicking on PLAYER HISTORY you can choose a previous season.

Now the England Rugby website.

The page displays all the usual league information, Fixtures, Results and League Table for All Teams.

For this season a new tab has been introduced, Stats.

Click on this button and you will see a series of statistics from the whole league including average points scored, home and away, winning margins, top scores and much more.

You need to explore all these stats, it is extensive!

Hover over the coloured bars and you get percentages. The other thing you can do is pick a team.

By clicking on where it says All Teams you can choose DK. The stats then change to display DK’s team records.

Now try clicking on one of our players names.

What you get is Steff’s full career playing record for DK since the 2019-2020 season.

If you click on ALL TIME you can select a season

Click on the match and you get this page

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