Fri 01 Apr 2022 14:04

Business Cards on the Website

We are an amateur club with limited resources which means that paying for expert help and advice can be costly, cost that can be a massive drain on our funds.

At DK we have hundreds of members and each and every one of you has a skill in something, a skill that might help us to develop and move forward! This could be anything from construction skills, IT, business, finance, legal and we are sure many many more!

So what are we asking and what are we offering?

We are offering you an advertising space on our website, we will upload your business card onto this page which all of our members (and non members) can access. If you need work doing what could be better than using a fellow DK member and/or sponsor?

What we are asking is that by having your business card on the website you are agreeing to give us the benefit of your skill and knowledge. If we have an issue which requires an experts opinion we would give you a call and ask if you could give us advice on how best to solve the problem, your skill or expertise could even be the solution!

If you don’t have a business card then send us all your details, logo, contacts and nature of your business and we can design one for you.

To get your business card on the site couldn’t be simpler, just send a copy of your card to and we will do the rest! Remember to state the nature of your business so we can add it to the right category and link to a website if you have one.

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